2017 Mercedes G-Class SUV

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The 2017 Mercedes G-Class SUV is Uniquely Styled with Handcraftsmanship, Elegance and Fresh Design

The tradition of handcraftsmanship remains true in the all-new 2017 Mercedes G-Class SUV

The 38-year-old legend Mercedes G-Class offers quality in artistry in its latest SUV model. Boasting a half-mile of thread and 45,000 stitches used in the brilliant design of the Mercedes 2017 G-Class SUV, Mercedes creates a lustrous cabin and keeps its longevity of interior traditional elegance. Tailored by hand, It’s masterful use of a variety of Nappa leathers in a multitude of colors, detailed stitching, and personalized style keeps this unique Mercedes SUV in a class all its own. The handcrafted trim work complements this exquisite G-Class interior with rich wood or carbon fiber, an array of remarkable and unique paintwork from classic solids to modern matte finishes. Stop in at Mercedes of Shreveport and ask any one of our brand-trained representatives about the timeless design in the new 2017 Mercedes G-Class SUV.

Elegant and rugged, the versatile Mercedes 2017 G-Class SUV is the pinnacle of excellence

Made for tranquil drives along Shreveport’s Red River or among rough terrains of the Louisiana countryside, the 2017 Mercedes G-Class SUV is a versatile giant with unwavering strength. Made for every surface known to man, this classic model offers sturdy travel with its three lockable differentials. These differentials assist in maintaining a balance of torque and traction for any on or off road situation. The buttons strategically placed on the dashboard offer ease of access for every type of travel. The four-wheel Electronic Tracking System (4-ETC) sends the appropriate proportion of torque to each of its wheels creating a smooth ride in snow, sleet, mud or uneven terrain along the Louisiana countryside. This rugged yet refined G-Class SUV makes it easy to see why Mercedes of Shreveport is proud to be a Mercedes factory-authorized dealer.

Mercedes brings fresh design to a 38-year-old legend in the all-new 2017 Mercedes G-Class SUV

Tall and strong, the Mercedes G-Class SUV keeps its classic upright stance with grace and elegance. Every surface of this luxurious roadster is laced with refinement and confidence.  Built like no other SUV, the stealthy nature and upright ladder stance is amazingly different. The hand-welded galvanized steel body creates a beauty all its own. Boasting the workmanship of each model made, from the frame to the wiring to the exterior, handcraftsmanship is the constant in every corner of this exquisite model SUV. The quality and steadfast character of the 2017 Mercedes G-Class SUV adds to the elegance of its legendary yet fresh design. Call Mercedes of Shreveport to set up an appointment or with any questions about the all-new 2017 Mercedes G-Class SUV.

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