The New S-Class; One Step Closer To Full Autonomous Driving

May 22nd, 2017 by

German car maker Mercedes-Benz comes one step closer to full autonomous driving with the newest version of Intelligent Drive in the new S-Class.  This version includes Active Steering, which is now smarter about lane changes.  With just a tap, the car will search for an open space and if a space within 10 seconds, the feature will automatically turn off.  The Driving Assist feature grabs information from Mercedes Mapping partner to adjust the speed of the car as it enters and exits a corner, all the driver has to do is turn the wheel.  When in traffic, the car uses the current speed and other data to determine the angle of the corner.  The Drivers Assist function works with the drive mode, in sport mode the car aggressively twists and turns around corners.  In comfort mode it calmly turns the corners and in eco mode it slowly links the corners together.  This new technology is a giant step towards Mercedes goal of fully autonomous cars, even though like all other autonomous car makers insists on the driver being aware and alert at all times while behind the wheel.  If the idea of a self-driving car still makes you nervous, the S-Class’ emergency stop, evasive steering, and infrared camera that detects humans and animals should put your mind at ease.

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